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Effective March 2016 NAPA Store Services and Banners announced a partnership with Sig Steel to provide metal cladding products across Canada for the exterior finishing of new stores and store renovations. The intent of this program is to provide a consistent architectural look in the NAPA custom colours supporting the NAPA branding strategy, while providing a quality 40-year warrantied product at competitive prices.

At Sig Steel, we have provided metal cladding building products to large and small business since 2003, while also having operated two NAPA dealerships. As a result, we are very familiar with NAPA branding strategy and processes. Below you will find details of the program along with the product itself.



Vibrantly Showcase Any Structure

Classic Fit® is a robust and cost effective approach to providing a striking finish to any application, vibrantly showcasing any structure.

Classic Fit®'s toughness is founded on its full hard, 100,000+ psi high tensile strength galvanized steel. Furthermore Classic Fit™ boasts a proficient drainage system, firmly anchored by a tight fitting lap channel, while maintaining a rigid, dry and robust cladding system, keeping your assets protected in even the most challenging weather conditions.

WeatherX coatings are renowned for their gloss retention, colour robustness, and superior chalking resistance. WeatherX technology merges durable ceramic and other select inorganic pigments with the strength of Valspar's proprietary silicone polyester resin to fight the detrimental effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays, rain, humidity, and weathering. Furthermore, this paint system provides superior abrasion resistance to minimize cracking or marring from fabrication, transit, and construction. SR WeatherX colour formula's meet or exceed the minimum requirements for an Energy Star® rating.


Classic Fit Profile



Since every location is different we know there is no cookie cutter approach to you individual business. So our quotation process is a one-on-one experience, specific to your business. The best way for us to provide you with a detailed quote is for you to provide us with pictures of the exterior of your building, and a simple sketch with the measurements of all doors and windows, wall height and length of the building. Please also contact us if there is any other information that is relevant (design or building layout changes).

Quick Specs

  • 26 gauge high tensile steel NAPA Blue 36" coverage cut to specified lengths
  • 26 gauge high tensile steel AUTOPRO Grey 36" coverage cut to specified lengths
  • Custom matched fasteners and accessories also available (quoted as required per job)
  • Custom cut trims also available upon request


Typically metal cladding is fastened every 2 feet on horizontal strapping of either wood or steel.

Depending what the exterior of your building is now, we can determine what the best way for you to install the new siding is.

If needed, we can also provide you with a quote on the installation itself.

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  • 26 Gauge $1.75 / sq ft
  • Freight: 7% Pool Truck, Custom Quoted for Rush Orders
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